Eric Prydz Announced New Cirez D Music Incoming on Mouseville


Eric Prydz has announced that he has plans to release some brand new Cirez D music soon. Cirez D is Prydz’s techno alias and we’re he released his darker songs tha don’t quite fit with the Prydz or Pryda moniker. 

Prydz took to Facebook and posted a photo of a vibrant blue vinyl with the caption, “New Mouseville incoming…” For those unaware, Mouseville is Prydz’s independent music label that he uses to release Cirez D music. 

The last two Cirez D vinyls were red and green, respectively and included some major tracks that have become staples in some of Prydz’s sets including “In The Reds.” Mouseville has also seen releases from some prolific tracks such as “On Off,” “Ruby” and “Voided.”

Prydz has been extremely busy as of recent having just started a new label, Pryda with its first release, “Feel” by Cristoph having just been released. In addition, the second release will be coming out soon she said will contain the long sought after track, “Trippleton” by another Prydz alias, Tonja Holma. 

 Check out the Facebook post below and stay tuned for some brand new Cirez D coming soon.