Dense & Pika Say Techno Is No Longer Futuristic

The Techno sub-genre of dance music is deep and has a legendary history. Said to have started in the Detroit Michigan area it has spread around the world and is now back on the rise in the US. It was said in the past to be a progressive style and always moving in new directions. Now the DJ duo Dense & Pika are saying they think it has become more stale and “samey” as ever before.

They talked with Ibiza Voice about it for a little bit and how back in the Detroit generation DJs were trying to imagine the sounds of the future and now it seems to all just be recycled sounds trying to copy the past.

“Now kids are going to big outdoor pool parties and getting blasted with ice cannons and that is not futuristic in any way. In fact, it’s passé. So, no, techno is no longer the sound of the future.”

It has become somewhat of a fad to try and separate Techno from anything established as much as possible. An illusion of this secret genre that is “real” Techno and is unattainable by anyone of this generation has been built up and used to fuel a cycle of debates on what is Techno and what is not. Styles change, or stay the same, or change over time. Change is natural so what exactly in history could be the final say on what a genre is or is not. Check out their article with Ibiza Voice for more.