Blasterjaxx – Temple


Blasterjaxx – Temple

The producer and DJ duo, Blasterjaxx, is on a roll with their latest single called “Temple“. The Dutch artist have already got their fans pumped up with a mix featuring big room house and electro house. Released by Maxximize Records, the track has made some banging beats by welcoming you to its “Temple” of new sounds. Get ready to hear what Blasterjaxx has in store!

The track begins with vocals while proceeding with thumping beats. Once you hear the first drop, the beat goes harder with a fast tempo. What’s unique about this song is it also includes violin sounds that makes the track flow at ease. Towards the end, the build up slows down then it gradually speeds up preparing to release the final drop.

Blasterjaxx will definitely get the crowd going with its exclusive combination of tunes! You can stream or download the new single below.

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