Tomorrowland 2017 Mainstage Design Leaks Online

The Tomorrowland 2017 build out has begun, and we already know the beloved Opera Stage is being replaced by an enclosed structure, but what about the mainstage design? Tomorrowland’s mainstages tend the be the most epic and expansive of any around the world, so fans watch with bated breath as every plank is installed.

While the stage is barely beginning to take shape now, some slick fans might have stumbled upon a mainstage design clue. In Tomorrowland’s video explaining the bracelet activation process, an image appears which looks exactly like what you could expect from this year’s mainstage design.

mainstage design

In keeping with the traveling carnival theme, there are several large tents, flanked by a tower, a massive carousel and an even more massive Ferris wheel. After it was revealed that the Opera Stage would change, many fans wondered whether the Ferris wheel may move since it fits with this year’s theme. Could we perhaps see a much more massive ferris wheel in place that towers over the mainstage? Now the excitement is building even more.