Dada Life Champagne is Real & On Sale Now

dada life champagne

The Dada Life duo of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom have taken their brand image to a whole new level. The duo has announced that they are coming out with their own champagne inspired by their long standing logo called Dada Life Champagne. Bananas and Champagne have long been symbols of Dada Life, but now they want to make the Champagne part more official. When asked if they tested out spraying the champagne, Corneer said,

“Oh yeah, we tried it against famous brands and I don’t want to name any because you don’t do that, but we tried it against brands, both blind tasting and when it comes to spraying. And it wins all categories.”

After working with champagne makers in Champagne, France for the past two years, their brand was approved by the board makers. With upcoming festival appearances in Sweden, you can count on them to test out how well the newly approved champagne sprays. As artists who try to make the crowd feel like their part of the show, it sounds like the Dada Life boys are ready to break out the bubbly on their bananas family. You can get the Champagne here and use code “BANANAS” for $10 off.