Monolink Releases Debut Album “Burning Sun” on Sabo’s Sol Selectas Label

burning sun


burning sunGerman producer and musician Steffen Linck, also known as Monolink, has been welcomed to the Sol Selectas family – whose label head is none other than Sabo – with the debut of his album “Burning Sun”, including his single “Burning Sun” and remixes of the track from DAVI, Be Svendsen and Just Emma.

Released just last week, the single describes a story of being reborn and then human again while in a lucid dream state. The track is truly a representation of the musical talent Monolink has, as most of his tracks are made revolving around a sonf that he wrote on his guitar. It combines a mystical, melodic electronic beat with a feel of traditional vocal storytelling to create an intriguing eight-minute groovy adventure down the path of the artist’s story.

Interestingly enough, Monolink now holds ties to The Do LaB co-founder Jesse Flemming, as Flemming decided to manage the artist for his first time ever because he was so drawn to his performances. Monolink’s live performances are indeed ones you can’t miss – he actually plays a live rendition of the original track, guitar in hand, creating a unique experience anyone on the dance floor will love.

Monolink – Burning Sun