GoldFish Drop Live Performance of ‘Deep of the Night’ in Their Hometown of Cape Town

South African live electronica band GoldFish dropped a single in late 2016, Deep of the Night, which was prefaced as the first song on their forthcoming album, Tipping The Scales, the band’s first project since 2013’s Three Second Memory. Deep of the Night was met with critical and commercial acclaim, amassing over 2 million plays on Spotify to date.

Last week, the South African jammers unveiled a live version of Deep of the Night, featuring footage from a performance at the Kirstenbosch Summer Series music festival in their native Cape Town. The video really demonstrates how beloved GoldFish are in their home country, also showcasing the duo’s musical talents playing live instruments, who play an alto sax, up-right double bass and an electric mini-grand in just a few minutes of footage. GoldFish’s live sets really are what make this band so enthralling, and this video perfectly encapsulates the energy of their live shows. Check it out below: