It was tough enough to be the ones to break the tough news about TomorrowWorld going away for 2016. However, TomorrowWorld signed off stating that it was not gone forever. After the initial devastation set in, fans tried to hold their heads up high and look towards that epic Castle Stage touching down in 2017. Now we are in December 2016 and nary a peep from TomorrowWorld, however SFX is set to emerge from bankruptcy. For reference, TomorrowWorld announced the dates for 2015 in October of 2014.

In the gaping hole in the Southeast music festival scene, Imagine Music Festival decided to step into the void. The festival expanded to 3 days and moved to the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Now Imagine has announced its return for 2017 and that should send a chill down the spine of TomorrowWorld fans, the reason being that Imagine is moving to September 22-24 of 2017. That means Imagine is taking place when TomorrowWorld historically has been, and there’s no way a festival would double book in the same city. Imagine must be quite sure of the fact that TomorrowWorld will not be taking place anywhere around that time. Unfortunately, the tough reality is that either TomorrowWorld is dead or making a major move in date/location.

To add to the intrigue, fans are also growing worried that Tomorrowland Brazil is in danger as well. For the 2016 festival, the first wave of headliners had already been announced by late November and the festival takes place in late April. We are already seeing tickets and lineups for festivals after April, and Tomorrowland Belgium has already announced its own 2017 dates and 2 weekend expansion. There is a glimmer of hope as Tomorrowland recently posted a cryptic tweet about “the next chapter”, which is either Tomorrowland Belgium or a super late Tomorrowland Brazil announcement.

Where one door closes, a window opens and Imagine Music Festival tickets are now on sale here. Let’s hope this is not the last we hear of TomorrowWorld and Tomorrowland Brazil.