More Unreleased Skrillex Tracks Leak on Reddit

Skrillex has had an incredibly diverse repertoire of music over the years. From Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites to Purple Lamborghini to even his releases under aliases such as Jack U and Dog Blood, many would agree that he has had one of the most successful careers out of many of the top DJs in the scene.

Recently, Reddit’s r/skrillex went to town on releasing a variety of bangers that haven’t seen the light of day. Ranging from VIP’s of Rock n Roll and Bangarang to instrumentals for Purple Lamborghini and Killa, there’s a good number of great tracks here. Have a listen to some of the below.

First of the Year (VIP):

VIP’s (Instrumental):

Bloodshed (VIP):

Ruffneck (VIP):

Bangarang (VIP):

Rock n Roll (VIP):

Killa (Instrumental):

Purple Lamborghini (Extended Intro):