Duke Dumont Cuts Show Early Due to Fan’s Obnoxious Behavior

Duke Dumont
What is this world coming to? What brings a person to throw their drink and spit on an artist and the surrounding equipment during a set. That happened this past weekend to Duke Dumont during his performance in the Alberta province of Canada. He eventually he had had enough, cut the sound and began yelling and cursing at the individual(s) who deemed it necessary to incite such insidious behavior. “If you’re brave enough come the fuck down, come the fuck down now. Whoever did that, come down the stage. If you’re man enough to spit, you’re man enough to come on up here” Dumont roared. Can’t really blame him for his reaction. As a producer/DJ myself, I’ve had a couple of instances such as this, but not to the degree he withstood. Why can’t we call just be nice to each other? It’s a lot easier than acting heinous and obnoxious.