Is deadmau5 Getting A Las Vegas Theatrical Show?

theatrical show

You’ve no doubt read endlessly about how EDM has taken over Las Vegas, and how it has completely overshadowed the Las Vegas spectacle shows of yesteryear. While you can still see performance shows from the likes of Celine Dion and Britney Spears, there just isn’t much hype around those shows. Now, Base Entertainment who helped create Jersey Boys, is planning to stage a Las Vegas spectacle to combine both worlds. Of course they’ve decided to create a show around our legendary dance music producer, deadmau5.

The show is being developed for Paris Las Vegas and it will replace Jersey Boys, which just ended its 8.5 year sting there this past week. The show is being bankrolled by Canadian investors and will also feature Joel’s label Mau5trap.  A senior Caesars exec wouldn’t confirm or deny the Deadmau5 show for me, but did say:

“We hope to have a lot of announcements to make shortly.”

The city’s showmakers blame the booming EDM scene for stealing theatergoers and turning off the younger demographic from attending theater shows. Could deadmau5 be the one to revitalize Las Vegas theater shows? This might just be the show he has always wanted to do.

Source: Review Journal