Trailer Released for New EDM TV Show ‘Momentum’


Without a doubt, dance music has grown from an underground movement into a super-genre, dominating charts world-wide and bringing together millions of people together under the same banners that genres like rock & roll did in the 60s and 70s. Being a part of pop culture as it now is, EDM is the inspiration for all sorts of art forms, from actual art and sculpture to movies and now, just recently announced, TV.

Momentum follows a blue-collar worker/aspiring producer’s rise to fame after a friend secretly releases one of his tracks online. The series is set to premiere some time this fall, but whether or not the show will be any good is up in the air. As we all know, the most recent attempts at representing EDM culture in film (see We Are Your Friends or XOXO), have failed miserably. Perhaps this TV show will finally successfully capture the essence of the culture that surrounds the electronic music industry like Straight Outta Compton did for hip hop, or maybe it will flop like the rest. Check out the trailer below for a peak into the show and be on the lookout for the pilot later this year.