“We Are Your Friends” Has One of the Worst Opening Weekends of All Time

With Lukewarm reviews, at best, and significant push back from dance music fans, hopes weren’t high for the Zac Efron vehicle “We Are Your Friends.” However, few would have anticipated the entirely-competent looking production to crash and burn so terribly at the box-office. Deadline reports that the flick pulled in an “awful” $1.8 million over the weekend, with showings on a sizable 2,333 screens. This paltry amount ranks “We Are Your Friends” in the top 10 worst wide-release box openings of all time, at the number 3 spot, according to Entertainment Weekly. Going into the weekend, “Straight Outta Compton” was expected to dominate the box-office for the third week in a row, while “We Are Your Friends,” a mainstream studio release, was supposed to at least best “War Room,” a niche low-budget film with almost no stars in its cast. In reality, “War Room” trounced the movie. The film’s bankable star, Efron, will probably emerge from the wreckage relatively unscathed, but “We Are Your Friends”‘ spectacular failure raises many important questions regarding electronic dance music and it’s place in mainstream media, and it will be fascinating to watch how this development helps shape the future of the industry. Stay tuned for more information as we get it.