Groove Fest Cancels & Declares Insolvency 48 Hours Before Start

The year of 2016 will be remembered for many high profile festival cancellations, but at least they are often times announced ahead of ticket sale dates. In fact, most cancellations don’t happen on the eve of the event. However Groove Fest In Puna Cana, Dominican Republic just screwed its fans big time. The festival was a destination festival set to kick off this Sunday and last all week with performances by Claude VonStroke, DJ Pierre, and Derrick Carter. Worse yet, the festival cancelled due to missed ticket sales and the loss was so bad that the entire company has ceased trading and is declared insolvent. They even told fans the company will be liquidated shortly, making gilted TomorrowWorld fans suddenly feel a bit more at ease.


However with less than 2 days to go, the festival cancelled and told attendees not to travel to the island unless they had alternative arrangements. Imagine you booked flights, hotels, and everything only to be told the festival was cancelled. Understandably people are livid as some spend thousands of dollars and the festival also said it would not offer refunds to those who still choose to come to the island. All we can say is beware booking a destination festival from a smaller unknown company, because you never know what’s going on behind the scenes.