Galactic Marvl – Blue Lips

Our most mysterious anonymous producer is back after a long slumber. Galactic Marvl burst onto the scene this summer with a lot of animated flair and some pretty obvious talent behind him them?. First was a an orchestral style intro video that lead into the first single called “Save Me“. As we’ve discussed before these singles and videos are all one cohesive story, so the videos are an integral part of the experience. Next up in the tale of Galactic Marvl is “Blue Lips“.

This track  features the sultry vocals of Caroline Vreeland and continues the overall sad troubled vibe that has permeated the story so far. The track has a pop ballad feel to it, as we watch the cops chase after our hero until some sort of magic is introduced by Galactic Marvl. We see a flashback of his home planet and the cops are temporarily transported there too. Then at the end it all comes crashing down as Galactic Marvl is surrounded by villains, led by a mysterious woman and another dastardly looking man. The track is again very artfully done and goes perfectly with the video, which has sparked some new ideas about the project as a whole.

We still don’t have any new info on the identity of Galactic Marvl, but the project is beginning to feel like a new age Daft Punk or Gorillaz. By creating such an expansive animated world for the project to live in, the actual identity of the producer(s)? becomes less important as the project begins to take on a life of its own. Sure we know the people behind Daft Punk and the Gorillaz now, but the characters they created trump the real world identities behind them. So yeah we still have no idea who is behind this project, but whether its Porter and Flume or somebody completely unknown we can see the potential for greatness already. You can check out the video above and download your copy here.