How the Glamorous Life of Being a DJ Can Leave Our Favorite Artists Broken

Many picture that the life of being a DJ is the perfect life. Being forced to travel the world, play your music to thousands of people, and party late into the night doesn’t seem like the worst ways to make a living for anyone who hasn’t experienced it. But for those who spend their life on the road, the silence that comes in empty hotel rooms after gigs and in long and over crowded plane trips can be deafening.

In a recent article with The Guardian, artists from groups such as Flosstradamus and Above and Beyond opened up about how tough it can be. Pumping a crowd up until the wee hours of the morning, only going back to a lonely hotel room to catch a few quick hours of sleep before the next plane ride can wear you down. Even Moby chimed in by adding that it is all of these small and subtle pressures put on the human body and mind that slowly bring you to a lowly place. This place can be so gradual that you don’t even know how you got there in the first place, but when you realize you’re there, you do anything you can to escape.

That is why so many artists turn to drugs and other ways to handle these feelings. It is a perpetuating problem which can often be the reason behind why so many artists overdose at such a young age. Though it is a fun idea to have so many fans who all want to talk to you and chat you up, the lack of actual personal connection to people is excruciating. Borgore admits that he felt that lack of connection in the early and even middle stages of his career, which is why he tried to fly at least one family member out to some of his gigs to have that human support and connection.

Life on the road is rarely all it cracks up to be. Some artists are more open about their own personal struggles with this matter, while some fight the fight behind closed doors. But no matter how they choose to handle these issues, we as fans have to understand that those issues are there. For any young producer striving to live this kind of life, or even those artists who are just starting to delve into the world of touring, we urge you to look at the long term goals and effects all you do will have on your body! Take it all in stride, we are only human.

To read the article in full, which contains quotes and musing from even more top-level artists, head over to The Guardian.