DJ Snake and Major Lazer Collabs With Justin Bieber Unsurprisingly Leaked

The internet has been a-buzz with Justin Bieber news (again), after it was revealed that DJ Snake had a collab with the polarizing pop-star (among a bevy of others) set for release on his now completed debut album, Encore. Additionally news of a Major Lazer collab has been swirling around, though coming to less of a surprise given Diplo’s previous work with him as Jack Ü. Of course the internet being the beautifully rabid beast that it is, couldn’t remember the age old saying of “patience is a virtue,” and wait for the releases so it’s gone and done what it does best: leaked them.

Snake’s work with the Biebs is quintessential DJ Snake. Or rather, quintessential Justin Bieber within EDM. Nothing you wouldn’t expect, with plenty of good down-tempo grooving Snake goodness. Your call on whether or not Justin adds that special something to “Let Me Love You.”

EDIT: audio has been taken down per requested by IFPI

The Major Lazer collab, “Cold Water,” leaks in less glorious fashion, with significantly lower quality. The track is also decidedly not EDM. In fact if Major Lazer wasn’t on the title, you could call it a standard Bieber tune, though this may have to do with Diplo’s recent commentary on his lack of pride in DJ and dance culture (he did just spin a Hip-Hop set after all).