Skrillex Previews “Pizza Snake” Collab with DJ Snake

Skrillex x DJ Snake – Pizza Crew (Preview)

Three of my favorite things: Skrillex, DJ Snake, and pizza. Well, luckily for me and all of you, in this teaser clip provided by Skrillex, we get all of the above. The clip gives us snippets of their collaboration titled, “Pizza Crew.” The track is a definite banger that we’ve heard mixed in at festivals already and is one that, once officially released, we can really lose our minds to. DJ Snake and Skrillex are two of the busiest producers in dance music today, between hosting radio shows, headlining festivals, producing new music, and promoting new talent. Seriously though, where do they find the time and how do they have the energy? My theory: they actually ARE aliens. They must be, to crank out one massive hit after another! I’m not sure what the initiation is to get into the Pizza Crew, but sign me up! Check out the preview and keep an ear out for the full release of this collaboration this summer!