San Bernardino Considers Banning Raves

San Bernardino

If your a raver you probably heard about the tragic news of their being fatalities at HARD Summer last year in Pomona. Well the repercussions of that are still being felt in southern California. Last year after the deaths at HARD all major rave events were suspended in LA County. There almost wasn’t going to be a HARD Day of the dead their annual Halloween festival. But after many hearings and some debate HARD was cleared to hold events again in Pomona, but only after some key changes. For the 2015 Day of the dead the attendance capacity was cut drastically, age limit raised to 21 and the police presence was significantly multiplied.

Now Janice Rutherford who is the San Bernardino county supervisor is calling for an end to rave events at the San Manuel amphitheater. San Manuel is where Insomniac holds many of their events including Beyond Wonderland and Nocturnal Wonderland. They have been held there for years and have had their share of complaints. Neighbors of the area have complained about the excessive noise from these events, the crazy traffic trapping them, the out of control drug use around their homes and the general lack of safety for everyone that they say comes from raves.. They are asking the Board of Supervisors to put and end to these kinds of events in San Bernardino. It will be placed before the board at their May 24th meeting for a vote and a decision will be made.

Source: The Sun