Lido Releases First, Self-Directed Music Video and New Single “Crazy”

Vocals, drums, piano, electronic production, R&B, future bass, classical – the list of expertise spans far and wide in Norwegian-producer Lido’s artistic repertoire, and he’s here today with his first, self-directed music video Crazy to prove himself a true Renaissance man.

Showing uncanny mastery of composition, Lido’s songs are always artfully crafted to be a whole made of up many, many intricate parts, making Lido an incredible conductor. A very accurate and visually stunning expression of the song, Crazy is the first released single on his new album, and again, self-directed. Having performed with The Norwegian Radio Orchestra last fall, Lido is no stranger to the symphonic world. And in the video, he positions himself as an effortlessly dextrous conductor, orchestrating light, color, movement, and sound – a depiction not too farfetched for his future. Will we be seeing more of the like in the future, and where did the idea of this video come from? Read more about the production in this great Q&A with Lido below from Hypetrak:

You did a lot of singing for your earlier works but your later fans might know you for your production and remixes. With Crazy, are you trying to re-establish yourself as being a singer?

Through the process of creating this album, I became a lot more comfortable in using my voice as an instrument. I don’t consider myself a vocalist, but my voice is definitely one of my instruments.

What influenced you to make this song? What’s the message?

This song is an important turning-point in the story on my album. For me it’s exactly the first impression I wanted to give people of the vibe from new music I’m about to release.

You directed the video yourself. Can you outline the visual concept for it?

I write with a very “classical music” mentality even though it’s in an electronic landscape and i thought this was a cool way of symbolizing that.

What made you decide to direct this one yourself?

I’m a control freak. Me and my lighting designer, Michael Sheck, came up with this idea while we were on tour. It was a very personal vision.

Is directing something we can expect more from you moving forward?


What vision/style are you going for in your upcoming album? What can people look forward to?

The album is very complex and emotional to me. It’s kinda hard to explain, haha… I’d rather wait until I can tell you the whole story.

You’ve worked with a good amount of talented people, like Towkio, Chance the Rapper, Canblaster, Brasstracks. Who else are you looking to collab with and who’s going to be on the album?

I’m very excited about the current state of music and all the incredible artists coming up right now. I cannot fully divulge who will appear on the LP but rest assured that every voice on the album is unique perspective to one central story line.

Source: Hypetrak