Insomniac Mega-Sizes Circuit Grounds for EDC Vegas 2016

As the years go by, it is quite a joy to see how stages develop at different music festivals. For the 2016 edition of EDC Las Vegas, Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella has announced that the Circuit Grounds stage will be bigger and better than ever. Some have speculated that it may become a load bearing structure or even open air. The new stage design will be produced with a larger audience capacity in mind, which seems to build on the idea that the Insomniac team is trying to promote music discovery at their festivals. Pulling attendees away from the main stage so they can explore other stages and aspects of the festival has been Rotella’s mission for quite some time now. Whether or not this means a reduction in the main stage’s mass, nobody knows. Only time will tell how everything plays out for the 20th anniversary of Insomniac’s crowned jewel. Prior to this announcement, Rotella played a clever April Fool’s joke on his beloved headliners: he and his team posted a link that supposedly led to a preview of all the stage designs for EDC, but the link was just a rickroll. But rest assured—this news is legit.