[WATCH] Marshmello – Keep it Mello ft. Omar LinX (Official Music Video)

Rising star Marshmello has garnered a lot of notoriety from the likes of Dillon Francis, Skrillex, Ookay and many other artists due to his originality and creativity. Today, he released his music video to his latest single with rapper Omar Linx, “Keep It Mellow”, which was released on Marshmello’s label ‘Joytime Collective‘. This was the first single where Marshmello utilized a vocalist and the final outcome was certainly a success. Omar’s rap verses and Marshmello’s signature sounds came together seamlessly to create a masterful production.

The music video shows us a day in the life of Marshmello and Omar Linx as the two friends hang out. Along the way they run into previously mentioned artists Dillon Francis and Ookay as well as  Mija, Getter, and Ghastly just to name a few. The music video perfectly resembles what the two artists are all about; good friendship, good music, good times & just keeping it mellow!