Krewella Teases New Music With Kanye-Inspired Rap, Releases “Beggars” Music Video

These days, the Krewella girls find themselves battling against haters and past controversies, and surviving the industry by continuously performing at music festivals and releasing new music from time to time. The name has been marred by their incredibly public break-up from ex-member Rain Man and outcries from producers like deadmau5 over their ability to DJ. There’s really nothing they can do to change the past except make fun of it.

In a 40-second video posted on Facebook, Krewella break down their demons by re-wording Kanye West‘s “I Love Kanye” from The Life Of Pablo. In the rap, they replace “Kanye” with “Krewella” and throw out shade about their image as told by deadmau5, Rain Man, among others. At the very end, despite all the negative attention, they reveal that they will surprise fans with new material the next day.

With “Beggars,” Krewella is in full force! The new track is exactly what we want to hear from the girls. They’re passion and energy comes out not only in the track itself but the music video, which seethes of rage. The trap-leaning new single finds Krewella and a crowd of people moshing in a warehouse somewhere. Symbolically, the grim reaper, who first was seen on the single’s cover art, appears throughout the video. Jahan Yousaf explains the meaning behind the grim reaper and “Beggars” via her tumblr page.

“Beggars” is Krewella’s first track this year and first release since “Somewhere To Run” which was also related to their current state among the public. This also comes a few weeks after they made a surprise appearance at a Pegboard Nerds set to debut their collaboration with NGHTMRE. Watch the hardcore “Beggars” music video below!