With all the recent buzz surrounding Krewella, it was no surprise to see the saga continue at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Even less surprising is that deadmau5 was the instigator behind the newest drama. During Krewella’s set at Ultra, deadmau5 tweeted out:

Krewella fired back with apparent proof that the equipment was in fact plugged in:

Deadmau5 is not one to back down from a Twitter firestorm, so he kept pushing despite his apparent mistake.

Deadmau5 seemed unable to accept that he made a mistake at the end, attacking the duo for their musical style rather than whether or not they mixed. To clarify how it was possible for Krewella to be mixing live, this video debunks deadmau5’s theory. Essentially, all Krewella needed was a computer for running Traktor, a USB cable for each of the CDJs and a USB cable for the mixer. This way, the CDJs would basically act as expensive controllers for the Traktor software.

The video and Krewella’s tweet seem to prove that no matter how you feel about their music, deadmau5 was wrong in his accusations. This most recent episode in the Krewella drama highlight exactly what the Yousaf sisters have been publicly condemning. The two have extensively spoken out against public shaming and cyber bullying. In fact, just hours before their Ultra set they discussed the issue with MTV News.

“Our generation is really caught up on public shaming and it is so acceptable. And especially towards women it’s very acceptable…With freedom comes great responsibility. Think before you post. Always think before you post. Will you still back that post tomorrow? Will you still be comfortable with what you said tomorrow? Will you be ok that you hurt someone tomorrow?”

Their comments come at the perfect time to illuminate an unsettling trend in dance music. It seems as if everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon and crucify the new popular DJ to hate. Icons within the community such as deadmau5 are especially guilty of this and should consider the consequences of their actions before they post. In other news, Krewella impressed their fan base during their Ultra set by debuting a live band. This added an exciting twist to their set and should improve their live performances in the future. You can check out their Ultra performance of hit tracks of theirs such as “Alive” and “Somewhere to Run” below.