Somewhere to Run

Coming off their recent visit to Barcelona, Spain to play at club Razzmataz, Krewella continues to dominate after a very successful release of ‘Somewhere To Run’ earlier in the year. Returning to the spotlight, they showcase a wild new music video full of partying, live drum elements and some light tomfoolery to amp up the already massive original. This one provides perhaps a peek into Krewella‘s touring life and seems to accurately portray their thoughts and feelings as they re-position themselves with their new style of music after much criticism. To add even more fuel to the fire, they recently released a fresh remix bundle of ‘Somewhere To Run’ by the Lost Kings including a highly dance able piano-driven and nu disco rendition of the hit single.

With this video and official remixes marking an optimistic departure from their past, they are certainly geared up for a great rest of the summer as they are set to perform again in Las Vegas, NV at the exalted Omnia night club on 8/28, 9/18 and 10/16. If you plan to see them this summer, take note that their 8/28 performance will be considered Jahan’s birthday celebration and you can definitely expect it to be a wild one.