Emissions Festival: A Celebration Of West Coast Bass Culture


It’s almost time to unite once again deep within the forest of Belden Town, California to dance through the trees and immerse oneself in an original festival atmosphere beaming with an uninhibited celebration for life; to absorb amazing music that you can truly feel as it was intended: surrounded by extreme creativity, expressive art and a truly unique community of welcoming, enlightened individuals. On May 13th, Camp ? will present their eighth installment of Emissions Festival, a four day dedication to West Coast Bass Culture.

Emissions is a one-of-a-kind, bass oriented festival that properly celebrates the roots, progression and future of the rich, bass sound in all of its gloriously diverse forms whilst simultaneously inviting attendees to pay close attention to music that boasts outright emotion, passion and energy: music with raw feeling. Emissions Festival reaches beyond the sound to celebrate the West Coast bass culture itself and the stunning creativity that encompasses it. Each new year of the festival pushes the boundaries and redefines the parameters of musical ingenuity and the community further. With that in mind, this year’s gathering is definitely set to be the highlight of the festival’s impressive eight year history. For Emissions, it’s about more than just coming together to enjoy the music; it’s about showing genuine appreciation for the West Coast sound culture’s history and life, whilst collectively helping write the next chapter of its bright, bass heavy future. 

With the announcement of its Phase 1 lineup, it’s evident that Emissions’ finger is directly on the pulse of today’s most electrifying and game changing bass music, as they have already begun unveiling their meticulously molded and highly eclectic lineup that will leave attendees with a renewed, more profound appreciation for the music. The objective is to be overwhelmingly moved by the most creative and forward thinking sounds currently fueling music today, done so by bringing together multiple, non-mainstream genres that compliment each other, rather than distract from one another, generating a rare form of satisfaction that differs from that of typical festivals. This year’s lineup stays true to Emissions’ tradition of nurturing bass culture as its main focus is to provide a special kind of audio fulfillment, as it features forward-facing, taste making acts like Stööki Sound, G Jones, Bleep Bloop, Yheti, Stylust Beats, Nasty Nasty, Thelem, Trevor Kelly and Shlump, as well as highly revered bass music veterans like DJ QBert, 6Blocc, Joker and Ivy Lab. To accomplish its goal of breathing life back into the excitement of hearing new music, Emissions’ will spread its bound to be mind melting, soul invigorating lineup amongst three stages (including a waterfront stage), each with amplified music playing all day and night. Emissions is truly a festival dedicated to encouraging the immersion of oneself in the highest quality sounds whilst motivating attendees to fully indulge in its vibrant, culturally rich atmosphere cultivated by a passionate community of individuals that revel in being present in the moment in their own, unique ways. 

4 Day Weekend Passes, RV Camping and Parking Passes for Emissions West Coast Bass Culture Festival, taking place from May 13-16th in Belden Town, California, are available for purchase here and be sure to check out last year’s recap video below!