Botnek - Clickbait

Botnek – Clickbait

After remixing The Chainsmokers’ hit troll single “Selfie”, the Botnek guys are back with their own troll single in the form of “Clickbait“. The timing of the release could not be any better, as it dropped on April Fools’ Day. Many music blogs, including us (even though we don’t think so) have been accused of creating clickbait headlines and now, the Montreal natives have created a track to highlight the phrase even more.

The hard-hitting electro house banger full of some nasty synths and big-time drops. They add vocal samples with typical clickbait headlines like “Kim Kardashian is DEAD” and “Donald Trump Sextape?” to truly take the track to the next level. Keep the April Fools’ Day spirit going and give the tune a listen (you won’t regret clicking play).

Botnek – Clickbait | Download