Zedd Is Serious About Producing Music For Kesha


It is important to stand up for your peers, not only in your career, but in any situation in life. Zedd understands this quite well and has shown it by offering to produce music for Kesha. The young songstress, who is currently fighting a legal battle with her producer Dr. Luke, has been under the public eye for quite some time now. With her alleged sexual abuse from Dr. Luke, a large outpouring of support and empathy for her has emerged.

Although there were a few skeptics who wondered whether or not Zedd would really be willing to help out, the Grammy-winning producer recently cleared the air. He stated in a recent interview with ET Online that Kesha’s team reached out to him in regards to the situation:

“Her team actually hit us back confirming that I was serious about it, which is really cool. I’m obviously very serious about it, so maybe something will happen. Maybe there’s something I can do. Maybe we can do some music. Nothing I can say right now, but it would be cool.”

He went on to say, “All I know is that she’s in a very rough position and if there’s anything I can ever do to help I’ll always be happy to do that.”

To read his full statement, head on over to ET Online.