[Interview] Protocol Presents Miami 2016 Mixed By Florian Picasso & Blinders


It’s official! Miami Music Week will commence in just one week. As fans, listeners and attendees anticipate the start of the 2016 festival season, Protocol Recordings is prepared to dominate MMW once again. In preparation for what is sure to be another memorable week in Miami, Nicky Romero has solicited rising prodigies, Blinders and Florian Picasso, to put together a hour-long episode which features the best Protocol Recordings has to offer.

The 20 track compilation consists of 20 tracks, 4 upcoming releases and 13 exclusive tracks that won’t be heard elsewhere. Blinders and Florian Picasso’s mix contains material exclusively from Protocol artists such as Deniz Koyu, Arno Cost, Volt & State and of course, Nicky Romero himself. The mix also contains two upcoming releases from the mixers, “You Don’t Know” produced by Blinders and “Final Call” produced by Florian Picasso. The hour-long compilation features a seductive collection of house music that is sure to prepare listeners for the start of Miami Music Week. Protocol will be hosting their annual event March 19th at Icon Miami with a roster featuring Nicky RomeroDeniz KoyuArno CostYVESVFlorian PicassoBlinders, and special guests. Tickets for the event may be purchased here.

Protocol""In addition to the mix, Florian Picasso and Blinders graciously took the time to speak with us in a brief interview.

B: Blinders

FP: Florian Picasso

1.You are on the talent roster to perform as part of Protocol Recordings in Miami March 19th. What measures do you take in order to prepare for a set?

B: It’s all about what kind of music we love to play. Our set will contain a lot of groovy stuff and also some fresh music from me and Florian.

FP: In a club set, you gotta feel the crowd, it’s different than a festival set. I preselect trackS but there is no specific order.

2.When selecting material for a set, what characteristics do you look for in tracks? Are there elements you actively seek out, or is it more subjective?

B: There is an unwritten rule which tells me always to play what I treat as a few minutes of dope-ness. So when I prepare for my dj sets I always look for this feeling. It can be anything – if it fits it’s good!

FP: It’s very subjective, first it depends on where and when you’re playing and who is playing before and after you. For the Protocol Miami night, it’s a friendly night so you want to keep it fun!

3.Ultra has been dubbed the “start” of festival season. What is / are your favourite aspect(s) of festival season?

B: I think it’s a fact that people all around the world coming to one place, for one moment just to enjoy the music all night (or day) long like you can’t do for such a large scale in any club. That’s the way I like it.

FP: New music !!! 🙂

4.What are the top three festivals you wish to play during the course of your career?

B: I would enjoy Ultra, EDC or Coachella a lot!

FP: That’s a difficult one but I would say: Coachella, Lolapalooza, EDC.

5.You debuted an original track in the compilation. What else can we expect from you in 2016? 

B: I’m trying a lot of new sounds in my productions right now. So I would say a lot of fresh propositions from me.

FP: I have a lot of new music that is getting released between now and this summer and a lot of shows, my work is finally starting to pay off 🙂

6.The compilation contains a Miami edit for your original track, “Want It Back”, which truly encompasses Miami’s nostalgia. How important is it to you to “read” your audience and make such alterations?

FP: Origami was and is still my strongest track, I tried to refresh it and add this nostalgia flavour without killing the vibe.

7.You started your career with a lot of remixes and bootlegs. What are some of the criteria you look for in a track to remix? What are standout qualities that prompt you to remix a track?

B: I think the main part of a song is a vocal. It’s something that will tell you that it’s a remake of something that exists. You just give it a totally new spin. If I really like it there is a chance that I will find a really great idea for it.

Stream Blinders and Florian Picasso’s Protocol Presents Miami 2016 Compilation, and view the track list which includes a considerable amount of exclusive content below.

Track List:

01. Volt & State – Sandcastles (Ben Lemonz Remix) [Exclusive] 02. Arno Cost ft. River – Coming Alive [Protocol Rec. upcoming release] 03. Pandaboyz & Nano Bites – Live As Me [Exclusive] 04. Feider & Daszko – Crashed ft. Melanie Fontana [Exclusive] 05. Sam Void – Reachless [Exclusive] 06. Corey James & Teamworx – Make The Crowd Go [Exclusive] 07. Blinders – You Don’t Know [Protocol Rec. upcoming release] 08. Def Rock & Charlie Ray – Venom [Exclusive] 09. Volt & State, Sam Void, Avedon – Hold On
10. Florian Picasso – Final Call [Protocol Rec. upcoming release] 11. Tom Tyger & Simon Alex – Axe [Exclusive] 12. Nico De Andrea – Kids Of Africa [Exclusive] 13. Arno Cost – 1000 Suns [Protocol Rec. upcoming release] 14. Ovion – I Dream [Exclusive] 15. Exit Friendzone & Murtagh – Crossfire ft. Karra [Exclusive] 16. Glen Dale & Avedon – Follow You [Exclusive] 17. Deniz Koyu & Don Palm – Aviators (Lift) [Exclusive] 18. Florian Picasso – Want It Back (Miami Edit) [Exclusive] 19. Nicky Romero & Stadiumx – Harmony
20. Nicky Romero & Nile Rodgers – Future Funk