SoundCloud Joins The Premium Service Game With SoundCloud Go

Via the verge

Soundcloud Go
A little over a week ago, we reported that Soundcloud had reached a licensing deal with Sony Music, marking the final piece of the major label licensing puzzle that would allow them to launch their paid platform. Today, the streaming service launched that platform under the new name Soundcloud Go.


With the major label licensing deals in place, subscribers to the new service will have access to the expanded platform that includes full access to music from signed artists whose contracts prevented them from releasing their music on the free platform. In addition, subscribers will have the luxury of ad-free listening and the ability to listen offline. Soundcloud Go is offering a free 30-day trial for those who are not yet convinced. Following the 30-days, Soundcloud Go will cost you $9.99/month ($12.99 if purchased through the iOS app). Soundcloud Go is by no means a necessary replacement for the original service for everyone (critics don’t seem very impressed just yet); subscribers will get access to these new benefits, but free users will still be able to use the same platform we know and love. You can click here to start your 30-day trial; hit the comments section to let us know your thoughts and opinions on the functionality of Soundcloud Go.