SBCR Goes Incognito to Capture DIM MAK’s Anniversary Parties

DIM MAK mainstay SBCR aka The Bloody Beetroots is no stranger to Steve Aoki’s label, and is well known for his musical stylings, but the musician has picked up a hobby that may surprise some fans…as a budding photojournalist. In fact, SBCR went incognito – mask and all – at DIM MAK’s 20th Anniversary parties at SXSW and Miami Music Week to capture fans and the festivities in their purest form. Check out a brief intro from the man himself, as well as a selection of our favorite shots below!

One of the privileges of wearing a mask is to preserve part of your identity. So I have officially started living a second life as a photojournalist of the environments I’m involved with…..but, as a spectator and witness. I recently had the pleasure of playing sets at Miami Music Week and SXSW for Dim Mak’s 20th Anniversary. My good friends at Leica lent me the beautiful Q, the camera that lets you take pictures with discretion, precision and unquestionable quality. This, was the third eye I needed and made for the best travel companion.”

To me, the real superstars of all the stories in the world have always been the people involved and the places we see. YOU are the true wonder of the world and i’m just starting to tell YOUR stories. – SBCR (Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo) AKA The Bloody Beetroots”