Hudson Mohawke Accuses Kanye West & Drake Of Not Paying Their Bill

hudson mohawke

After allegedly not receiving payments for his beats, Hudson Mohawke has threatened to leak several unreleased tracks intended for use by Kanye West and Drake. The producer quickly retracted his plan citing that he doesn’t “have the 10 milly to deal w the consequences”, going on to take a shot at the industry as a whole: “Mainstream rappers have less business sense than ur mum”. A day later Hudson clarified that he didn’t intend to be so generalized, explaining that he has no problem with Kanye, he is pissed at “lawyers who weren’t in the room on their side.”

We’re sure that this is not an isolated incident. When music is stolen or not paid for, we usually don’t see names like Kanye West involved, but the music industry is littered with copyright infringement and lawyers willing to cut corners.

You can read Hudson Mohawke’s full Twitter transcript on Pitchfork.