Destructo Gives Tanner Seebaum An Incredible Parting Gift


On a day to day basis, most people would just think of the electronic music scene as a community devoted to dancing all day and night. But for those who know and love the rave life, we know that it is about more than just the music. While beats and bliss do play a large role in unifying us, we transcend the stereotypes thrown at us by exemplifying a culture of love and acceptance. There is a significant humanitarian factor that accompanies being an EDM fan—one that encompasses the notion of truly treating everybody equally, regardless of how different we may be.

For American DJ and producer Gary Richards, better known as Destructo, this idea of equality and acceptance shined through exceptionally when he treated 16 year old Tanner Seebaum to the time of his life. Back in 2013 when Insomniac’s glorious electronic daisy descended upon Las Vegas, Destructo brought the young DJ, who was inflicted with a brain tumor, onstage during a poolside show at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Richards not only exemplified the amazing traits of the EDM community, but he also set an example for everyone in the world to follow. Being a basic humanitarian should be at the top of everybody’s priorities. Be it by performing some random act of kindness or substantially helping others, there is always something you can do to improve the welfare of those around you.

Although Tanner Seebaum had ultimately succumbed to the fight against cancer, his memory will forever live on through the Tanner Seebaum Foundation, which dedicates itself to the research and improvement of children’s lives who are affected by brain or spine tumors.