Amazon Says Record Players Were Its Highest-Selling Audio Item This Holiday Season

The soundtrack from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey spins on the turntable at the Modern Hotel in downtown Boise, Idaho on Wednesday, March 26, 2008, where members of the Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho meet once a month to promote the listening to vinyl records over the more modern music on CD's and iPods. (AP Photo/Troy Maben)

With the resurrection of vinyl over the last 5 years, this decade is quickly looking to be quite analog in an increasingly digital age. Not a bad thing, especially since the cloud could be whisked away with just the wave of a wand. With a third of the people buying records not having a physical device to play them, we weren’t too surprised to find out that Amazon sold more turntables than any other audio product this holiday season.

The Jensen JTA-230 entry level record player is a good starting point, being a 3-speed stereo turntable with built-in speakers, USB port to rip your vinyl to your computer and mobile devices as well as an AUX port for your musical playing device. Amazon says this item outsold the popular Yamaha Wi-Fi Network AV Receiver with AirPlay and the SONOS PLAY:1, giving the new craze in home entertaining, wireless interlinking between devices and streaming services a run for their money. This trend seems to be a growing one, so don’t expect sales to slow down anytime soon.

Source: The Vinyl Factory