DJ Sneak Sounds Off About Vinyl

DJ Sneak
DJ Sneak is at it once again giving his two cents on the dance music scene. The legendary DJ had lots to say about the ‘press play’ generation. Only caring about fame and playing in front of huge crowds, while foregoing the proper fundamentals.

“If you’ve never touched a piece of vinyl in your life, you’re not a DJ.”

In the interview with Pioneer Radio, he states that there are a few DJs keeping ‘the dream’ alive like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Grandmaster Flash, as well as a few of the younger kids who ‘know their shit’.

“The popularity means nothing. I’d give the local kid more love because he’s hustling and DJing [with vinyl] and putting his heart into it every day… You’ve got people who do it for love and you’ve got people who do it for other reasons,” Sneak says which in my humble opinion, he has a point there.

What do you the audience think about spinning vinyl and Sneaks statement about the modern day DJ?

H/T: Mixmag