Kaskade Talks Partying Sober, Illegal Downloads And More In Enlightening New Interview

Popspoken’s interview with Ryan Gary Raddon, better known as Kaskade, reconfirms he is still the same humble, down-to-earth, dance music producer we fell in love with ages ago). Releasing one successful hit after another since 2001, almost 15 years later we can say with confidence, Kaskade is a lifer, meaning Kaskade will always put out quality music and Kaskade fans will always be Kaskade fans.

In addition to his mile-long list of successful dance singles, Grammy nominations, and small $17 million fortune to his name, what sets him apart from others in the industry is his impressive ability to juggle both the chaos of touring the world, and that of raising three kids. Bringing love and joy to the lives of his family and fans all over the world, while still managing to find the time to enjoy his favorite hobbies of snowboarding and surfing, I think it’s safe to say Kaskade is someone we might consider the modern day Renaissance Man. Discussing important topics such as piracy, drugs in the EDM scene, and future potential plans, Popspoken gets the scoop on what really goes through the mind of a musical genius.

As you well know, one of the most controversial issues associated with dance music is the alleged excessive drug use taking place at events. When you’ve been around the block as many times as Kaskade has, not much shocks you anymore. His opinion on the matter doesn’t exactly involve a list of possible solutions, but realistically states,  “I don’t know what more we can do, but it’s possible to enjoy these parties sober.” It’s also quite possible that such a loved and respected public figure spreading this particular opinion on the matter just might have an impact.

As stated before, one of our favorite qualities Kaskade possesses is his humble demeanor. When addressing the issue of piracy possibly sabotaging his career and the music business as a whole, he states, “Whether downloading illegally or streaming off sites that don’t pay, it doesn’t bother me – I want them to hear it first.” He adds the valid point that if fans love the music they hear for free enough, they’ll pay to see it live.

As for his two Grammy nominations…just the “cherry on top,” he states. Check out the full interview to read more reasons why Kaskade will always be near and dear to our hearts.