TÂCHES Returns With Mystic Remix of Elk Road's 'Not To Worry'

Elk Road – Not To Worry (TÂCHES Remix)

TÂCHES is one of those producers that has yet to put out a bunk release – a rarity in the age of bedroom production and prolific copycat artistry. His mesmerizing cuts of house have garnered him a tight knit following in the dance music community around the world, with his last single, ‘Eat Your Friends,’ earning several spins on Australia’s legendary Triple J station. With this latest release, a remix of Elk Road’s ‘Not To Worry’, TÂCHES continues the trend, delivering a smooth, ethereal, minor-spirited house track that completely transforms the chilled out bass vibes found in the original. The remix is profoundly different – it’s nearly completely unrecognizable to the original, with TÂCHES expertly flexing what’s possible with a set of stems. Check out TÂCHES’ take on ‘Not To Worry’ below.