It’s crazy to think just how widespread smartphone ownership is today. Practically everybody in the world that wants one has one in this day and age. How do smartphone companies like Apple make money when smartphone sales begin to slow down? They need to make more money on accessories, namely the ones coming from their recently purchase of Beats. In what is becoming a common trend with Apple, reports are indicating that the new iPhone will lose a universal headphone jack in favor of Apple’s proprietary one. This means when you get the latest iPhone you will also be forced to buy expensive (and hugely overrated) Beats headphones to go with it. Not only that, but with this setup, you will have to choose between charging and headphones as they will use the same plug.

Of course reports indicate Apple will justify this by saying it allows the phone to be even thinner and that their Lightning connector is superior, but we all know a cash grab when we see one. The most unfortunate part of this entire thing is that Apple knows that most of their consumers will go along with the move, which is why they do these things in the first place. So if you upgrade to the latest iPhone say goodbye to taking over the aux, but you will still be able to use Bluetooth streaming for the time being. For the rest of us, Android which will continue to support the aux plug.