Porter Robinson Tests Out New Edit Of Rustie’s “Big Catzz”

Unfortunately, Porter Robinson‘s releases since his groundbreaking debut album Worlds have been few and far between. About 8 months ago, he dropped his first track since the album, his euphoric remix of Nero’s hit single, “The Thrill“. He since followed that up with an unreleased edit of ClariS’ “Irony,” which he has been teasing in his live sets. Porter has sprinkled in some other stellar live edits into his sets, such as his brilliant flip of Flume’s remix of Lorde’s “Tennis Court.” His newest unreleased live edit is of Rustie‘s “Big Catzz,” an excellent track off the future bass producer’s new album EVENIFUDONTBELIEV.

Porter’s take on “Big Catzz” comes from a fan video taken during San Diego’s Halloween music festival Heaven and Hell. His remix begins dramatically, with powerful stabbing synths that immediately immerse the listener in Porter Robinson’s distinctly beautiful soundscape. Porter is at his best when crafting these kinds of massive melodies, which transport you into an alternate dimension on an all-encompassing euphoric wave. Porter seamlessly integrates this remix into his live set, notably featuring the iconic chords from “Sad Machine.” While it is probable that this remix will never be properly released, we can at least enjoy the video of Porter dropping it live below.

For a better quality version, be sure to check out this awesome fan-made music video for the “Big Catzz” edit below.