ClariS – Irony (Porter Robinson Edit)

Porter Robinson was born to play at the Anime Expo. The 22 year old maestro has been heavily influenced by Japanese culture, with the impact easily apparent throughout his ‘Worlds‘ album. Whether it is the heavy usage of vocaloids or anime-influenced visual art, Porter wears his inspirations on his sleeve. Luckily for him, there is a concert smack in the middle of the four day convention in Los Angeles. Porter was fittingly announced as the surprise headliner for the event, playing alongside the electronic band Anamanaguchi who delivered a standout remix of ‘Sad Machine.’

Porter brought his live Worlds show to the Anime Expo, delivering all his classic tracks, complete with stunning live edits and visuals. He even sprinkled in a few surprises, such as the long awaited Deon Custom remix to ‘Sad Machine.’ The biggest surprise of the evening came after ‘Language.’ Although Porter usually closes with this magnum opus, this time he played his own unreleased edit to ClariS‘ ‘Irony.’ ‘Of course, Porter dropped an edit to a Japanese pop song to close out his Anime Expo set. Even more fitting was that the edit is absolutely gorgeous with a stunningly powerful and euphoric drop. You can watch his entire Anime Expo set (in 15 parts) here, or check out his edit of ‘Irony’ below.