Flume’s Sophomore Album Is On the Horizon

FlumeThe hype surrounding Flume’s second studio album has been on a slow burn over the span of 2015, growing ever so subtly but approaching near scorching levels in recent weeks. Back in 2014 he tweeted out that the album was “well underway,” earlier this year he dropped some fresh new material in his earth shattering debut Essential Mix, and for the most part, news on the future bass pioneer’s sophomore album has been kept under lock and key. Now however, the Australian sensation has shed new light on the release date, and album artwork for the yet-to-be-named record. Or so it seems.

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Flume recently took to Instagram to share what many assume to be the new album artwork. In reality it could mean any number of things: a single, an EP, or the concept art for the new album (perhaps a piece of a bigger whole). The image and design, as interesting as it may be, comes second to the little bit of information at the bottom: February 1st. Knowing Flume, and the way artists tend to tease fans, this has got to be related to new content. There’s a lot to be excited for with 2016 on the horizon, so we’ll just have to continue our begrudged exercise of patience, and wait for what’s sure to be one of the year’s best releases.