Whose Major Lazer “Powerful” Remix Packs the Hardest Punch?


Major Lazer – Powerful (Remixes)

Who has the most ‘Powerful‘ remix of the bunch? Well, With You. & GITCHII go tribal, dropping their house and club vibes respectively. The duo cover the remix with drumming and forest-like reverberations. However, Gregor Salto takes it old school, utilizing standard start-up beats before dropping into his signature electro composition. It’s not until BOXINBOX & LIONSIZE do the remixes begin to get really playful. They have fun with it but don’t disrupt the serenity of the original, while also keeping the powerful chorus. And then G-Buck breaks through the crowd with the last ‘Powerful‘ remix in the Major Lazer compilation. He, by far, has what will likely be best remix of the bunch for most fans, bringing the power with his crashes, grand synths, and hypnotic clanging, ending the set on an extremely energetic note. Listen to the 4 remixes and the original below, and then pick your preferred streaming service for future repeats.

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