photo dreamstate2_zpsaplgtwxe.png
Everybody knows the trancefam is a diehard and loyal bunch, as they even have their own hashtag (and Instagram hasn’t banned it). Give them some real trance and they will go anywhere for it. So, when Insomniac announced a true trance festival called Dreamstate in the US the fans were elated. Fast forward to the first day of ticket sales, and the entire event sold out. This no doubt left many fans disappointed, and Pasquale Rotella rarely allows his headliners to feel let down.

A fan reached out to Pasquale asking if more tickets would be made available and he responded that there would not be any. However, he also let the fan know that an additional Dreamstate location would be announced soon. This directly expands on an earlier comment where Pasquale mentioned “additional Dreamstate plans”. Furthermore, he has already mused that EDC festivals may feature a Dreamstate stage in the future.

We are witnessing the birth of a new trance brand in the US that shows no signs of slowing down. So if you missed out on the first festival, keep your eyes peeled for incoming updates.