The Chainsmokers Reveal Next Hit Single “Let You Go” Featuring Great Good Fine Ok


The Chainsmokers are a model of consistency. They pump out tunes often enough to please their rabid fan base, but make sure to put the proper time and focus into their creative process to ensure that the release is the best it can be. The New York duo hit Facebook yesterday to preview “Let You Go,” and they didn’t make you wait long for the full version to hit your eardrums.

“Let You Go” is classic Chainsmokers, beginning with a slow melody that builds the energy directly alongside the vocals. Drew and Alex enlisted Brooklyn based duo Great Good Fine Okwhose style works perfectly with the happy energy of the Chainsmokers’ beats. Every build and every lyric feed off each other, and really shows how far the Chainsmokers have come since the days of #Selfie. You can check out the full version of “Let You Go” below, and keep your eyes peeled for more Chainsmokers music as we get closer and closer to festival season.

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