Skrillex Teams Up With Four Tet For Intimate UK Show

UK based Promoter, Eat Your Own Ears just announced an event at The Camden Underworld featuring one of the most unexpected lineup pairings we’ve ever seen, Skrillex and Four Tet. This extremely intimate 500-person capacity show will give fans the rare opportunity to witness stellar sets from garage and electronica’s on the cuff tastemaker, Four Tet and electronic music’s biggest musical chameleon, Skrillex, up close and personal. Although an unlikely pairing at first glance, with Skrillex setting the musical pace for the more mainstream audience and Four Tet commanding the underground garage sound, it’s easy to uncover the reasons why this event is such an exciting collaboration. Despite basking in the limelight of the electronic scene for years with globally infectious beats as well as projects like Jack U and Dog Blood, Skrillex is equally known in the electronic community for his eclectic, forward-thinking style and musical creativity. And with Four Tet setting the tone for the pair’s performances, Skrillex will undoubtedly cease this rare opportunity to showcase some of his more unexpected musical interests.

As one can imagine, tickets for the event are going to be hard to come by. Those hoping to get a chance to catch the show must register online in a lottery for a chance to be able to even buy tickets. And if you’re lucky enough to get picked in the ticket lottery, you must purchase tickets within a strict 24-hour ticket buying window upon being notified via email on April 1. Skrillex and Four Tet’s intimate collaborative event goes down at The Camden Underworld in London on April 5.