Wolfgang Gartner Cancels All Remaining 2015 Shows Due to Declining Health

Source: Rolling Stone
Life on the road is not always as fun and luxurious as it might appear, and a constant touring schedule often takes its toll on the artist’s well being. Last year saw Avicii fall victim to declining health due to his constant tour schedule, causing him to cancel headlining appearances at Ultra and TomorrowWorld. Last night, Wolfgang Gartner took to Facebook to say that he too had been experiencing declining health on the road and was advised by doctors, family, and loved ones to suspend his touring. To that end, Wolfgang announced that he would be cancelling all future shows for the foreseeable future. While this is certainly a disappointing turn of events, but it’s understandable that an artist’s health and well being always comes first in these situations. Let’s all wish Wolfgang the best and hope for a speedy recovery.