Skrillex Shares 6-Track Playlist of Hand-Selected Favorites

Between his ability to collaborate with an array of artists from different genres to deriving musical inspiration from all sorts of musical backgrounds, Skrillex has earned a favorable reputation in the music world for his extremely versatile and chameleon-like productions. His forever-changing and extremely unique music taste has placed him in the upper tier of highly regarded electronic music producers, and luckily, he’s found an easy way for fans to pick at his musical brain. For the last several months, Skrillex has been compiling a series of playlists on his Soundcloud entitled Skrillex Selects. Through his “Selects”, Skrillex has showcased a monthly round-up of his favorite tracks, as well as introduced listeners to some low-key stellar talent.

His latest playlist, Selects 2/2, is composed of indie-electronica tunes, uptempo dance beats, a cover/remix of Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s ‘Ni**as in Paris’ and some grimy bass tracks. Stable.’s two tracks “Surf” and “Thunder Wave” delivers gentle, yet powerful and upbeat vibes, while Cause & Affect’s addition gives the playlist a wubby, deep house, bassy twist. The cherry on top of Skrillex’s Selects 2/2 playlist has to be the two filthy dubstep tracks recently released on Never Say Die’s Black Label XL, Megalodon’s “Danger Zone (VIP)” and Badklaat’s “Head Crush”.

Give Skrillex’s Selects 2/2 a listen below and be sure to keep up on all his “Selects” here.