Bolier & Redondo ft. She Keeps Bees – Every Single Piece

Every Single Piece

Bolier ft Redondo ft. She Keeps Bees – Every Single Piece

Ah here’s a sweet little preview for ya. Redondo & Boiler have teamed up and brought on She Keeps Bees for a new tune, ‘Every Single Piece’, set to release on Spinnin’ Records growing groovy label, Spinnin’ Deep. The label has taken a number of deep styles under its wing, but we’re hoping they sign more stuff like this goodness. This is a smooth roller you’ve got to check out.

‘Every Single Piece’ kicks off…well with a kick. A heavy one at that. A bassline slowly filters in, easing you to a dancing mood, and before you know it there’s a catchy guitar riff looping into your ears to keep things fresh. The homey and soulful lyrics hit, with supporting background hums and funky brass and a quickened guitar driven melody. Ya know when the music is just so good, when a tune just gets ya groovin’ and rollin’ and you don’t know what’s going around ya, and the next thing you know you’re dancing on your desk at the office? Yeah? Well this is that kinda tune. Infectious as all get out, and pure fun. We’re looking forward to this release on Spinnin’ Deep in March, but until then you can enjoy the preview below.