Meet the 16-year-old Kid From Detroit Who Founded His Own Record Label

16-year-old Detroit native, Jarett Koral has been slanging wax for the past two years since he founded his own vinyl label, Jett Plastic Records. That’s right, a 16-year-old has been in the Motor City vinyl record pressing and distributing business since he was just 14. When he first started his label, Koral sold some of his own personal collection in order to invest around $2,000 per vinyl release. And although he’s been successfully investing and putting out pressed vinyls for a few years now, his mom is the official ‘president’ of the label, simply because Koral isn’t old enough! Even though he’s not legally old enough to be president of his vinyl label, he’s been selling pressed releases in the double digits, including a new 7-inch record for child start actor Macaulay Culkin’s recent joke/band The Pizza Underground. We’ve seen more than a handful of talented minors shining in today’s music business (like this 2 year old wiz), but Koral is especially impressive and unlike any young adult we’ve come across before.

Check out a Detroit news story on Koral and Jett Plastic Records below.

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