Watch 2 Year-Old Arch Jnr Mix Up Some Sick Beats

 photo archjnr_zps776abcc3.jpg

Personally I really do not remember much of my life at the ripe old age of 2. However if you were to ask my parents, I may have very well still been soiling myself- which makes this 2-year old dj all the more impressive.

Introducing dj Arch Jnr–  2-year old endemic from South Africa (who hasn’t even learned to run yet) has mastered the craft of mixing better than some of the big names. The adorable lil’ Arch Jnr has his own Youtube channel that showcases the tiny tot dynamically manipulating the CDJ’s. In addition to his Youtube channel, Arch Jnr also has a Facebook page with an adoring fan base of 13,000 and growing. Not only does he lay down beats, but the little dj may have unknowingly laid down the foundation for a promising career in the years to come. It looks like Martin Garrix is going to have to watch his back as this toddler may be seeking out his title in a few years time. Take a look at some of Arch Jnr’s Youtube videos below and be sure to give this cutie’s Facebook page a thumbs up.